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FamilyHi, I’m Emily Plank, and I’m glad you’ve found me!

First, a little about me. My professional career has been a winding one: middle school math and science teacher, family child care provider, consultant, writer, and mentor. I have worn many different hats in the field of education, but a single thread winds its way through all of my pursuits: a curiosity for the way children grow, learn, and develop. This curiosity drives my quest to investigate and describe thoughtful parenting and educational practices to best meet children’s needs through my blog and writings. I recently finished writing the book Discovering the Culture of Childhood which explores children through a totally new lens. Learn more and find links to purchase it here.

I began this website and blog in 2011 as a way to connect with the families of the children in my family child care program, Abundant Life Children. In 2013, I closed my family child care program when my own family moved to Switzerland. Since then, my work in the field of early childhood education has focused on consulting and writing, but this site still lives on. For those of you who have been with me since the early days of Abundant Life Children, thank you for coming back! To those who are new, welcome! Consider joining my online community by subscribing to my blog or following me on Facebook.

I continue to live in Switzerland with my husband and three children. I am learning French, which keeps me outside my comfort zone on a regular basis. One day, I hope to be fluent. I love cooking, reading, writing, hiking, and tea. Thank you for visiting, and feel free to let me know you were here by sending me a message!

Thank you for visiting!