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Don't You Dare "Doom and Gloom" Me!

IMG_2473When I was getting married, would-be well-wishers told me, “Oh, just wait. The first year is hard. Really, REALLY hard.”

When I was pregnant, more experienced parents offered, “You’d better sleep now while you can! When the new baby comes along, you won’t sleep at all. It’s hard. Really, REALLY hard.”

When my baby girl was born, I heard, “You think it’s tough now? Just wait until she’s two! Then it gets hard. Really, REALLY hard.”

When I opened my family child care business, other providers told me, “Working with families is difficult.  They have unrealistic expectations of what we can do.  It is hard.  Really, REALLY hard.”

But lucky for me, back before I got married, I had one friend who shared, (more…)

Interview with Nicholas Day, Author of "Baby Meets World" (Plus…WIN YOUR OWN COPY!)

Baby Meets World- finalI discovered Nicholas Day through this article about cultural diapering practices, and consequently found his book, Baby Meets World.  It would be difficult to overstate how much I loved this book.

Nicholas Day has succeeded in writing a book that is thoroughly researched as well as highly relatable, infused with humor, and full of personal narratives about his journey (more…)