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One Radical Truth About Toddlers

IMG_2886Are you the parent of a toddler?  The care provider for a toddler?  Do you teach in the 2s classroom at your local preschool?  Have you ever seen a toddler?  Or heard about a toddler?

If you know anything about toddlers, chances are, you know that our society has some pretty strong opinions about toddlers.  We can be sure of this when we watch television or movies starring toddler characters.

Society tells us that toddlers are (more…)

Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

weil memeChildren do things to get our attention. They throw loud, notable fits in the grocery store.  They kick their siblings.  They whine.  They sob.  They talk about underwear and diarrhea at the table.

And it works!  They get our attention – often in the form of a stern look, a hushed voice, a sharply held hand, or other more or less creative adult responses.

The thing is this.  If children are trying to get our attention, (more…)